Priceless Success and Happiness

If you’re a material girl, like Madonna, you might think that happiness can be found in the things that money can buy.

Americans (as well as industrially advanced populations all over the globe) are programmed from the moment they breathe their first breath to desire the finer things in life. As an adult, it is fully ingrained in your being to equate certain material things with success and happiness, though the mix is a little different for each one of us. You’re likely to believe nice cars, a big fancy house, wearing garments and baubles made by designer labels, and a bank account with lots of zeros to the right of an integer are considered to be signs of success and happiness.

Then there is also the school of thought that is the total opposite, where people think that people who have a lot of material things are inherently bad people or evil. These folks are all over the map in their disgust of people who have much more than they do. You might find them saying,

  • The Bible says, “Money is evil”
  • How many bodies are hidden for the acquisition of their wealth?
  • How much does a person really need?
  • They have so much; they should give me some of their cache.
  • People are starving, yet they live in the lap of luxury
  • They are so selfish and narcissistic, they only think of themselves
  • It is an honor to be pure of heart and poor.
  • A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.

It’s as if these people want the nicer things in life but are reticent to acknowledge their own hidden desire and must demonize others who have what they believe is out of their reach or not within the realm of their possibility.

I remember a recording artist (I am not going to cite who, as there have been many, and I do not desire to engage in mudslinging or name calling) that was a struggling independent singer/songwriter who publicly put down successful artists signed to labels, claiming they had sold out or sold their souls to the devil for their success and fame. That is, until this particular artist was signed to a major label and selective amnesia set in, as if the words were never spoken.

The very same thing happens when a mediocre family experiences an unexpected windfall. One day, they’re putting all the haves down, while they are suffer through lives with all the other have nots, and they make their disapproval of the “one percent” well known. Then silently sneak off to greener pastures following hitting the big one (sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies).

Even if you’re not living in a $50 Million home with a 90210 zip code, going to nightclubs with a $1,500 bottle of wine table minimum, or laughing it off when one of your kids pushes a Lamborghini off a cliff and into the drink for fun, doesn’t mean that your life is any less happy, or your are less successful. Because it’s true:

Success and happiness is not dictated by what you have.

Rather, success and happiness is found in the heart, and unfortunately, for the people who have the most money, it is often heard that their hearts are empty. We all can think of people who were at the peak of their income earning potential who have taken their lives. And it’s not because it’s the fashionable thing for rich people to do (though it does bolster the ideal of “live fast die young leave good looking corpse”). No, it’s usually because even though they had it all, they became painfully aware that all the money in the world does not have any value if your heart is empty.

Among those of us on a more spiritual journey, emphasis is placed on loving and focusing on our hearts. This is where true happiness lives, and is the vibration we seek to maintain for our lives. If you’re one of us, you do not put down others for what they have, instead to bless them and hope that one day they, too, can find deeper meaning in life and true love.

You may be attracting this kind of wealth to you. While it has yet to materialize, you find joy in the little things, for many things in our live are priceless. If you don’t believe me, watch someone with low income run into a burning building to retrieve something that may be more meaningful to them than their own life. Their priceless treasures might include photographs, letters, cherished mementos, or their beloved pet.

You may also be guilty of imbuing something intangible with such admiration, like poetry or a particular song. Or the priceless love-filled moments in time that are forever recorded in our memories, which allow us to relive that moment just by the mere thinking of it. Money cannot buy these things, nor can it replace them if they are lost.

Society has twisted us up and fouled up our priorities so badly that we become addicted to the sense of lack, focusing on the not having of a thing so much that we can find it difficult to focus on anything else, as we are overwhelmed by jealousy and a feeling of worthlessness. You might even catch yourself think, “If I only had” (fill in the blank) “then I would be happy.” Yet something inside you knows that things do not satisfy, they only leave you wanting other things.

Sure, we all desire to have life just a little bit easier, to have enough left over after paying the bills to reward yourself for all your hard work and dedication, but to acquire ill gotten gains may be too much a price to pay for you. So, you focus on your vibration, embrace you happiness quotient and remain open to receive the abundance that is in store for you.

Think on those things which are precious and priceless, and treasure these things because, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

Ask yourself what does success and happiness mean to you?

And remember, nothing is more precious than authentically true and loving friends, your family (as dysfunctional as it might be), your stellar and integrous character, your health and wellbeing.

Review your truly priceless things which you surround yourself with and have a joyous and grateful heart for having the things that few of the wealthiest people in the world could never have.

You are so blessed.


Jealous Much?

If you really want to transform into your highest and best, at some point you’re going to have to say, “Sayonara,” to the Green Eyed Monster. If you are prone to jealousy, this will not reflect well upon the vision of you as it is expressed to onlookers. It’s one of those unfortunate negative emotions that doesn’t look good when anyone wears it on their countenance. Jealousy does not instill faith or respect, except from those where negative vibration is lowest common denominator, for they will revel in your pain and drama and even gaslight, or fan the flames.

Jealousy will be the undoing of most any relationship it touches, if not when it first rears its ugly head, then after a while, when anyone who may be the recipient of it (and possibly onlookers) begin to find ways to distance themselves from you. It imposes a great deal of unnecessary drama and communicates a severe lack of trust.

We all suffer from jealousy to some extent due to the experiences we have gathered along life’s journey. Any loss, pain or injustice you may have endured since birth can contribute to your lack of self-empowerment, leaving you susceptible to getting a jab from the old Green Goblin.

Not to fear, there is hope for overcoming jealousy, if you’re so inclined.

First of all, you need to be enough for you. You have to come to the knowledge and conclusion that your happiness does not depend on any other person. You have to be your own best friend. Sounds simple on the surface, but as you continue to grow and expand you get to know more about yourself better, and if you’re honest, you will begin to see the dark areas of your life that previously were hidden from your consciousness. Love yourself first. Appreciate all you are and have (not what you lack).

Raise your self-esteem and confidence by treating yourself lovingly and treat yourself occasionally, rewarding you for loving yourself. Take yourself on a date, for a spa day; buy a new outfit, bobble or pair of shoes. Start treating yourself well. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Learn how to be your own support system and set boundaries to take better care of yourself.

Take notice of what the triggers are that set off your jealousy and make a list. When you feel those emotions welling up inside of you, think about what it was that set you off. If you are honest with yourself, you will probably see that there is not a factual foundation for feeling as though you are threatened at this moment in time. It is typical for jealousy to be felt as a highly exaggerated negative state of mind.

If the object of your jealousy is a person, it might be prudent to have a talk with him or her and let them know what they’re doing is setting off your panic button. They may be doing something they are not even aware of, or they could be doing it intentionally to cause this reaction. If they are unaware they are doing something to make you feel as if there may be a impending loss, they might be able to make subtle changes that might make your feel better the next time. If they are doing it maliciously, it might be time to set a boundary.

The more you are honest with yourself and your feelings of inadequacy, and potential struggles with self-confidence or deeply hidden emotions stored from a time long ago (which is like an viral infection, growing until it makes itself apparent on the surface) you will be better equipped to deal with it. This is a major accomplishment in your evolutionary process to defeat your imaginary fears, taking control of your life, and feeling so much better about it.

Regularly review your life and emotional state of being. Are there any emotional weeds growing in the garden of your well being? If you are always keeping an eye out for potential pitfalls, you can tackle whatever comes your way and deal with the negative emotions as they become apparent to your awareness.

Ask yourself what it is about this person that sets you off? Dig deeper and see if it isn’t connected to something that happened earlier in your life. In most cases, you will find a connection that has nothing to do with your current object of concern. Take note of what it is about them that triggers you, then ask yourself if your reaction is justified, or not.

Sometimes you might feel victimized or as if there are no options besides letting yourself succumb to the rabid jealousy. You must get on the other side of this if you are to progress and continue your evolution, so find ways to neutralize your negative emotional state by using prayer, meditation, exercise, tapping or dancing. Whatever it takes find a way to disconnect yourself from the feelings which can overtake you and cause you to falter.

Seek out a friend, associate, or even better someone who will be an unbiased participant, like a counselor or coach who can help you get from here to there.

God bless you.