Really, You Have No Idea How Connected and Important You Are

There’s no denying that the world can feel chaotic, making it easy to feel insignificant amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As if that weren’t enough, my friend Norman often reminds me of how small we are by pointing out the existence of multiple galaxies, universes, and countless versions of ourselves living different lives in other timelines and dimensions.

Yet, when we look around, we see significance in others—people who have made valuable contributions to their lives, families, and communities. It’s common to compare and think, “What’s the point if I haven’t made a major impact?”

This mindset can make you feel small as if you’re using resources that might better serve someone whose life appears more meaningful. But consider this: even a seemingly insignificant pebble can create ripples when thrown into a still lake, altering the entire body of water. Your life is much like that pebble.

Every time you share a laugh with friends, that moment changes everything. It starts with those around you but resonates beyond, affecting others they interact with and creating a ripple effect that extends to people and places far removed from the original moment. A single moment of laughter can influence work environments, social circles, and even news headlines elsewhere across the country.

When you encourage someone feeling down or celebrating their successes, you see the immediate impact, but remember the ripple effect. These small acts are like fibers woven into the tapestry of life, adding beauty and significance in ways that might seem minor but are genuinely profound.

You contribute to making the world a better, more beautiful place in these moments. Your presence and actions have a lasting impact, no matter how small they may seem. We are all blessed by your participation, and life is more pleasant and vibrant because of you.

Your Unseen Influence

1. The Ripple Effect

Imagine dropping a pebble into a still pond. The ripples spread outward, touching distant shores. Similarly, your actions, no matter how small, create ripples. A smile brightens someone’s day; a kind word lifts a burden.

These seemingly insignificant gestures echo through time, shaping lives you may never directly encounter.

2. The Power of Your Beingness

Every breath you take and your heartbeat send out vibrations; your mere presence of being influences the energy around you. Think of it as a cosmic dance, with your steps affecting the rhythm of the universe. Even when you feel insignificant, remember that your existence matters. You alter the course of events simply by being here.

3. The Unexpressed Thoughts

Our minds hum with unspoken thoughts, dreams, hopes, and hidden ideas. But these thoughts are not inert. They vibrate, resonating with the collective consciousness. Your unexpressed creativity, compassion, and love contribute to the world’s vibrational tapestry. Even in silence, you make a difference.

Embracing Your Impact

1. Reflecting on Others

Consider those who’ve touched your life: the mentors, friends, and strangers. Their influence lingers, guiding your choices and shaping your path. Now imagine the reverse: someone out there, perhaps unaware, draws strength from your journey. Your struggles, victories, and resilience inspire them. Your story matters.

2. The Gift of Time

Time is both finite and infinite. While we can’t add minutes to our days, we can infuse them purposefully. Reach out to someone, lend an ear, and share wisdom. These moments, spent in genuine connection, ripple outward. Your time becomes a gift, multiplying its impact as it touches others.

3. Transforming Pain

Depression, too, has its role. It’s not a curse but a catalyst. Use its weight to fuel your purpose. Channel your emotions into acts of kindness, advocacy, or creativity. Let your struggles be the compost for growth. By doing so, you amplify your influence, turning darkness into light.

See You for You

See yourself for who you really are and recognize your value. The world is better because of you: what is seen and what is not, the noticeable and noisy and the reserved and quiet. Your life is like a finely tuned instrument harmonizing with countless others in the symphony of life. Embrace your role, for even in the shadows, you cast light.

Remember: You are the pebble, the ripple, the cosmic dance. Your impact echoes far beyond what meets the eye.

God bless you for you.


Cheaters Have Nothing to do with You

It’s easy to internalize your frustrations if you’ve been with a partner who has been unfaithful. Cheaters have nothing to do with you. If you’re monogamous and committed to someone who is a cheater, when he or she has left, you might start questioning yourself. “What did I do?” or alternatively, “What’s wrong with me?” amongst other self-deprecating questions. When the truth is it’s about the cheater, not you.

Cheaters are gonna cheat. That’s just the way it is. You can change a cheater, it’s just the way they are hard-wired. Can a cheater change into a loving, caring, monogamous, and faithful partner? Yes. But you cannot change them. Only the cheater can change his or her life that drastically. Nothing you can do can change them.

Your first instinct is to blame yourself because you lack the full lovingness for yourself, so you question your worthiness, as all your insecurities rise to the surface, making you feel worse and worse about yourself, while the happy-go-lucky cheater is off on his or her next conquest.

Nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect in every way, only you do not realize it or know that all the love you seek resides within you waiting to be set loose in all its power and glory.

Lacking this true love from within, you will submit yourself to the endless abuse of not feeling as though you are not enough, questioning your authentic beauty, or over criticizing your income, weight, choice of apparel, hairstyle, mannerisms, possessions, family, beliefs, or any other endless possibilities that might make you feel less than worthy.

The choices other people make, the things they do, have nothing to do with you. You are for more inconsequential in the lives of people who have little or no regard for you than you might think. People just say or do stuff because their lives have led them to say or do this or that. That is all.

If it wouldn’t have been you, it would have been someone else.

You are not responsible for the life your ex- has lived up to this point and you can never know what is going on inside someone else’s head or heart.

In most (if not all) cases of infidelity or the inability for someone to make a long-term commitment comes from a lifetime of insecurity, fear, and/or abuse, every detail of which could never be fully known by any other person.

It’s up to you to look after your own feelings and sense of worthiness. You need to not let anyone have control over how you feel. In this way, you can reclaim your power from anyone who has threatened your otherwise sense of wellbeing.

If you let others to be responsible for how you feel, you would be just like your ex- who is constantly needing someone else to make him or her feel good. And when you make someone else responsible for how you feel, it works, but not for long.

If someone doesn’t like you the way you want them to, don’t feel bad. Be grateful that you found out when you did, because it could have been much worse had your relationship been allowed to continue in its dysfunction.

Your value is not determined by anyone or anything outside of yourself. Your preciousness comes from the love within yourself. Allowed to grow within yourself your love can expand and overflow to others and the world around you.

Without this unlimited source of love enveloping you, the best you can do is to mitigate your emotional state, with all its contradictions and inconsistencies, the best you can by applying emotional bandages (other people and what they think of you).

You are perfect, with all your imperfections, just the way you are.

You were born in love, full of love, and worthy of love, for you (in your truest essence) are love personified. Even if no one else recognizes your sacred divinity, it still remains true; you are pure love.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, ever.

You love yourself enough to walk away from any relationship which is not in alignment with your highest and best.

You and your love is all the love you need, and when the right person shows up with a vibrational frequency with is alignment with your highest and best, nothing can stand in your way.

Great love is on its way to you.

Unworthy Self Doubt Breakthrough

Ever have an idea then second guess whether you have what it takes to bring your idea through to fruition?

The truth is, you wouldn’t have been given the thought of the idea, if you weren’t keenly selected to give birth to it. Thought is precognition.

What you do about it is part of the Scientific Experiment of Life and maybe – just maybe – it’s time for your to breakthrough the barriers of self-doubt or feeling unworthy.

Unworthy Self Doubt Breakthrough


Your ability to see this through is your birthright, even if the idea of your success is counter-intuitive with regard to society and your familial training in a world that teaches us to believe that we’re not good enough.

You probably have been convinced that massive success is only attainable by the few, those more deserving, from successful families or the highly educated.

It is time to abolish your self-doubt or feelings of unworthiness. It is not uncommon for people to say, “But,” followed by a liturgy of excuses they have been made to believe will keep them from being worthy enough to be massively successful.

You do not need to have an MBA in business to achieve great success in today’s market place. In fact, here’s a list of billionaires and multi-millionaires who never graduated from college that you may find inspiring:

Paul Allen Microsoft
Richard Branson Virgin Atlantic Airways
Andrew Carnegie Carnegie Steel Company
Walter Cronkite CBS News
Michael Dell Dell Computers
Barry Diller Fox Broadcasting Company
Walt Disney Walt Disney
Larry Ellison Oracle
Debra Fields Mrs. Field’s Cookies
Henry Ford Ford Motor Company
Bill Gates Microsoft
David Geffen DreamWorks
Milton Hershey Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
Wayne Huizenga Blockbuster Entertainment
Jim Jannard Oakley Sunglasses
Peter Jennings ABC News
Steve Jobs Apple Computer
Ralph Lauren Fashion Designer
Thomas Monaghan Domino’s Pizza
Rosie O’Donnell Actress/TV Host
Anthony Robbins Personal Power
Stephen Spielberg Movie Director
Harry S. Truman U.S. President
Ted Turner CNN
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

… just to name a few of the successful dropouts who have made their mark (pretty good company, eh?). So don’t let anyone tell you that you do not have what it takes, because you do.

You may have been led to believe that you shouldn’t even try, or torture yourself with, “What if I fail?” Fear of Failure can be a brick wall immobilizing your from the ability to move forward.

Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemy and the biggest obstacle between what we have and what we want. Check out 7 Steps to get out of your way and get what you want.

Having the idea is not enough because ideas are gifts from the universe to the world. Revelation is given freely and the blessing is reserved for the person who takes the decisive and necessary action to give birth to the idea. Having an idea is like having a lottery ticket, taking the action to bring the idea to life is like buying a winning lottery ticket.

The real secret is in the doingness. If you are able to rise above the nay Sayers and the programming (that is designed to keep you down and widen the gap between upper and lower classes) you can create your own good fortune from scratch. God blesses the doer.

Your idea is a gift of the most beautiful song that the world is waiting to hear, so sing it.