Global Warming Climate Change

Politicians, media, and people all over America and the world have been clamoring about the impending doom of climate change.

Somehow, the idea was promoted that we could have some impact on global climate change and that we backed by our governments could affect a change that would better serve us.

Human beings have no impact on climate change. We did not cause it and we cannot fix it, for there is nothing to fix. The world has been in this constant state of climate change alternating between warming and cooling with noticeable variances since it first appeared in the cosmos, and it will continue to do so regardless of how you are able to convince the public otherwise and create policies and laws based on this fallacy.

Modest global warming over time is expected and will be beneficial to our environment which should be celebrated. Fighting climate change is futile and trying to do so is a waste of energy and resources.

There is a problem, but it has less to do with the changing temperature of our planet and more with the rampant narcissism of a government and political system that thinks they could pass laws to change the nature of our planet. Allowed to continue, the system tries to manage the world’s energy which has the direct opposite of the intended result.

If their intention is to control enough of the energy production and distribution that it will make the world a better place, and this is what they have been trying to assert, how is that working for us?

Nation economies are failing, the middle class has evaporated, the standard of living is plummeting, while conflict between nations escalated over who will control the keys to the world’s energy, while the people fight amongst themselves and against each other. International unrest, military conflict, and suicide are at all-time highs.

This is not to say that burning fossil fuels do not affect the environment. It does compromise the air we breathe, filling our atmosphere with CO2 that does absorb infrared radiation (heat). This is a thing that does need to be addressed.

Henny Penguins shouts, “The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting!” as she runs through the town waving her flippers in the air. And, yes, the glaciers are melting which causes the ocean to rise a bit, but to say that this is mankind’s doing, is illogical egocentricity.

Misguided scientists assert, the fact remains, that CO2 in the atmosphere is escalating while ice caps are deescalating. True enough, but that doesn’t mean there is any connection between the two.

So many things far more significant than mankind affect changes in the earth’s temperature, such as our planet’s variations in orbit, its changing terrain (growing mountains, deepening underwater beds, volcanic eruptions, etc.), and changes in the sun’s provision.

What about alternatives to oil-based fuels?

Oil-based energy is actually quite an efficient conversion ratio, the best we have so far

Alternatives are extremely costly to convert to energy and are only viable as subsidized by government funding and are therefore inefficient

Energy conservation does make sense. This is something that man can do to cut back on waste and help boost the economy while reducing the overall price of energy.

Propaganda campaigns fueling the global warming “crisis” have created a financial windfall for “green” organizations legislatively empowered to penalize and enforce government policies concerning those who refuse to comply with short-sighted mandated policies. These organizations are profiting in the neighborhood of $100 Billion a year, and the overall systems that support them, are just as much or more.

On the other hand, a modest warming trend and growing CO2 levels are actually beneficial to reforestation and agriculture, as CO2 is important fuel for vegetation of all kinds. Our entire ecology requires this balance, including humans and all beasts great and small.

There is no energy crisis or global warming crisis. Concerned individuals would be better off focusing their energy and resources on fighting poverty, and disease, providing clean water, and increasing hygiene, and food provisions.

If you want to fight for something fight against global terrorism and nuclear warfare. Don’t let them distract you with misleading information about global warming.


I Hope We All Can Heal from Those Unspoken Things

We all gather and store traumatic experiences, keeping them buried deep inside, afraid to disclose the details of these experiences due to fear, the fear of being judged, unaccepted, or being told that we’re making a mountain out of a molehill, and we’re further traumatized by being told to “just get over it.” I hope we all can heal from those unspoken things.

All this pent-up trauma leads us to try to find hope, anything that might help relieve the pressure we feel building up inside of us. And what is this pressure doing to us? What is the cost of hiding and feeling as though we cannot talk about the things that trouble us the most?

As an Olympian Life Coach and spiritual consultant, I am blessed to have lived a life of helping others voice their inner struggles with past trauma. And my longing is echoed in Jared Peterson’s statement made on September 8, 2022, “I hope you heal from things you don’t talk about.” The quote’s author is unassignable, but the sentiment strikes a chord in the heartbeat of Americans who try to ignore the past for the greater good, and/or the bravest of those who contemplate seeking alternatives for releasing the pressure of withholding.

Yes, there is healing from brokenness, few can find such healing in solitude, but better results are realized by reaching out for assistance in digging up the past, one’s deepest darkest secrets, unearthing the root cause of unhealthy negative ruminations, disconnecting painful triggers, and battling one’s inner demons.

A traumatic past can destroy your life

Therefore, unexpressed anger can cause disease. These withheld secrets can kill you. Hidden memories of a traumatic past haunt the energetic sphere that surrounds us all.

Unspoken trauma doesn’t just go away.

In the search for relief, believers may find themselves searching for bible scriptures for heartbreak. Christian counselors can be sought out, but many of them are ill-prepared to help individuals do the deep inner work necessary. Unfortunately, these victims of destructive trauma, are encouraged to trust God or pray about it. In a sense, forgive, forget, and just get over it. This can burden the victim with guilt or shame, now questioning “what is wrong with me,” when the standard Christian recommended solution offers little or no relief.

St. Paul says, “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body” (2 Corinthians 4:8-10). This is to say that regardless of the adversity we face or how we have been exploited or victimized, all of this can lead to the glorification of God’s goodness.

Also, “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

Given the sacred space necessary, in compassionate love, and understanding, without judgment, one can be empowered to do the deep work without fear of rejection or being accused of “attracting the trauma.” It cannot be swept aside by playing the “karma” card. Being allowed to fully release the trauma in a safe environment is necessary for finding healing in brokenness unashamedly.

I hope we all can heal from those unspoken things, and this is a more likely result of following this process of dealing with one’s traumatic past. Failing to do so causes infectious festering inner wounds to spread disease throughout the body. This can be realized and witnessed in a lack of energy, weakness, and a compromised immune system, leading to sickness, disease, and premature death if left unaddressed.

I am honored to have experienced the immense transformation of individuals who have overcome these kinds of challenges and am excited about results that can include the ability to help others who could be facing these kinds of victimizing circumstances.

This is the power of God realized in healing from brokenness, and in this way, the painfully broken can help others, doing their part to make the world a better place.


Why We Eat Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast

Ever wonder why we eat eggs and bacon for breakfast?

One marketing expert had a clear understanding of what it took to sway the opinion of the public, and he parlayed this learned talent into creating a powerful business of promotion and persuasion. His public relations company was hired by the biggest and best corporations, industries, associations, government agencies, and politicians to sway public opinion.

Bacon and Eggs

In the 1920s, a struggling pork industry sought out Edward L. Bernays Counsel on Public Relations for help to increase public opinion and demand of pork products. Edward Bernays gladly accepted the challenge and had his doctor write to survey 5,000 doctors. The survey queried, based on the fact that the human body lost energy during the night, would they agree that a hearty breakfast was a good way to recover?

Answer: Yes or No

4,500 Physicians = Bacon and Eggs

All but 500 doctors failed to respond to the survey, which armed Bernays with the news headline that swept across the United States and the world, “4,500 physicians urge Americans to eat heavy breakfasts to improve their health” accompanied with a savory photo of eggs and bacon, suggesting that eggs and bacon were the perfect examples of a hearty breakfast.

Overnight Americans traded in their breakfast pastry or cereal for eggs and bacon, and the pork industry has been riding that promo all the way to the piggy bank ever since.

Sigmond Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays

The first spin doctor, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmond Freud, learned the art of manipulation of the mind from his uncle and was credited with increasing his uncle’s popularity using these skills.

Here we are, 100 years later, and bacon and eggs still represent 70% of American breakfasts.


Bernays branded his method of mind manipulation via media as “propaganda” and even wrote the book on it, Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928).

Tobacco – Beer – Disposable Cups – Water Fluoridation

Bernays is also credited for promoting healthy smoking and empowering women to proudly smoke cigarettes in public, popularizing beer as a more sensible drink in moderation when compared to other notorious alcoholic beverages. He is also known for promoting health-conscious “awareness” regarding the increased safety of using paper cups for those concerned with the spreading of germs, and water fluoridation for “increased health.”

Never Retire

Not one to retire, even up until the centenarian publicist’s death at 103 years of age in March 1995, Edward Bernays was still serving his clientele at $1,000 an hour, and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century (Life Magazine published by Time, Inc. 1990).


Cooked or Raw Food What is Better for You?

There is debate as to whether cooked or raw food is better for you, and the truth is, as always, there is truth in both extremes. Most contemporary raw-food diets include 30% cooked food, and processed foods are to be avoided. Raw food diets include fermented foods, sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds, in addition to raw fruits and vegetables. In all things, balance is the key.

Extremists believe that cooked food is toxic and potentially dangerous in terms of human consumption, though this may be true when it comes to commercially processed and distributed food.

As far as nutritional value in general, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables begins to deteriorate significantly when heated for extended periods of time. Doing so will decrease beneficial plant molecules, phytonutrients, and vitamins. The longer you cook at a high temperature the greater the loss. If you are expecting to get enzymes from the food that you eat, it is important to note that enzymes are destroyed at 117°F.

Raw fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutritional value when they are heated to a temperature of 115°F or more. This is especially true for apples, oranges, carrots, bananas, and the like.

If you are going to heat food, do so uncut, then cut after the heating, as heating cut food releases the nutrients more rapidly. The nutrients are most susceptible to being lost from cutting include water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, followed by vitamins A and E, while fat-soluble vitamins D, E, and K are mostly unaffected by cutting and cooking.

Natural loss of nutritional value is due to exposure to heat, oxygen, and light over time. Most foods naturally begin to lose their nutritional value when it is harvested. So, getting access to food soon after harvesting will yield the most nutrients.

Not all Cooking is Bad

Gentle slow cooking is a heating method that helps to retain nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Prolonged cooking over a period of time is actually good for some food items for enhancing the antioxidant power of beta-carotene and lycopene.


Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that the body converts into vitamin A. So, cook carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, and winter squash to your heart’s content, as these cooked beta-carotene-rich foods will help deliver the antioxidant power that has been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease.


Cook all the red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, pink guavas, apricots, watermelons, and pink grapefruits you want as the cooking process makes the antioxidant lycopene more bioavailable. Lycopene is effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, and heart disease.

Both, beta-carotene and lycopene, protect us from free radicals which left unattended to can proliferate and often lead to chronic disease.

Cooking may reduce the overall nutritional value of these otherwise natural sources of vitamins and minerals, but it more than doubles the antioxidant value.


Whatever you believe about microwaves, whether they are good or bad if you have such an opinion, they do preserve the nutrients of raw fruits in vegetables. You risk the same depletion of nutrients as heating to temperatures over 115°F, but microwave heating exposes your raw food to these high temperatures for much less time, thereby saving nutrients that would have been lost at longer heat exposure.

Note that microwaves can be dangerous as they may expose users to microwave radiation. Microwaves cook organic material, and that includes you, too. Areas of the body particularly sensitive to microwave radiation are the eyes and testes.

Cooking Can Make Food Safe to Eat

If you do not have access to food that is safe to eat, or if your food sources are questionable, cooking any food to over 140°F will kill most bacteria, making food safer to ingest with a lower chance of contracting a food-borne illness.

Some foods may not be safe to eat in their raw forms, such as meat, eggs, or dairy, though some people do. If you choose to do so, please know where your food comes from, and be certain that you can trust the source.


The Sun Source of Our Energy

The chief source of energy for our planet is the sun. The sun’s energy is captured by many methods, where it is stored, and later transformed into useable energy. In its most basic interpretation, vegetation absorbs the sun’s energy which causes the vegetation to grow and mature. An animal can consume the vegetation which converts the vegetation’s collected energy of the sun by consumption, a high life form can consume the animal, converting the sun’s energy once again into energy, energy which could be expended to change the world around us, to make a meal, plant a garden, run a farm, build a structure, erect a windmill, build a dam, or create a nuclear bomb or power plant.

When you burn wood in the fireplace, all you are doing is burning the wood with fire, which releases the stored energy of the sun, producing heat you can feel or can be used to heat something else besides you, and the ash is the waste product.

All this stored energy from the sun, including but not limited to biomass, water, wind, and fossil fuels, are all stored solar energy that is translatable from one form to another, feeding the unending cycle of life, not just here but throughout the universe. A universe that is intimately connected.

The energy throughout the universe is almost, if not absolutely, limitless. This universal energy is measured, stored, and converted into other forms of energy, or even directly into matter.

One may be concerned about the consumption of energy, but it can never really be consumed, only endlessly transformed from one form into another, affecting its surroundings in the process of changing from one form to another.

Everything in the universe requires energy to exist. Even you and I need energy to exist.

Our bodies need some light from the sun as nourishment, what we consume contains the sun’s stored energy, first-hand in vegetation, second-hand in animals that have consumed the vegetation. We need this energy to function, integrate with and affect the world around us. We also need energy to build and heat structures that we live in. And, of course, to power all the modern conveniences in life as well.

Everything is energy, enabling us to live and it is everything we eat, drink, create, or use in life.

Energy is required to create the enzymes your body needs to function, for connecting and communicating the many brain and body processes, and to enable you to operate your muscles. You need energy to drive a car, and your car needs energy to get you from here to there.

Today, most of our energy comes from fossil fuels, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power, and biomass. Electricity is a different character, it is generated from other forms of energy, and is an excellent transfer mechanism for energy. Though we use it, it is still not understood fully.

Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas, all of which produce carbon emissions when used, while nuclear fusion, on the other hand, does not. Renewable resources such as water, wind, and solar are natural alternatives to fossil and nuclear power. When used to create electricity, all these forms are used to create enough energy to turn turbines that generate electricity.

The first law of thermodynamics declares that “energy cannot be created or destroyed” it is transformed from one form of energy to another.

Energy is constantly moving, in motion, and energy and matter? All the same thing. Matter, regardless of how solid it may feel to the touch is nothing but energy, and all matter is always flowing, pulsating, moving, never stagnant, and all energy is connected, whether seen or unseen.

We, each of us, is an individual consciousness housed in a human body, yet we are not solid, we are constantly moving in and out of form and through the universe, an individual and part of the collective consciousness, yet all of us, all of it, all that there is, is uniquely entangled, harmonious, and sometimes chaotic, yet the same, energy.

This connectedness is how the thoughts or actions of one person can affect the world and/or the universe in either a negative or positive manner. And it spreads and gathers more corresponding energy as it ripples throughout the world around you.

Ask a plant tender who cares for the plants from home to home on a regular basis. Indoor plants that share a home with happy, harmonious people, like a young couple experiencing their first child. The air is filled with emotional love and the plants in this home thrive. In another house where there is much discontent and hatred, the plants require changing out regularly, because the emotional energy is actually killing the plant life.

Our bodies transmit our own emotional energy. There exists a bubble of energy of our own making that we are surrounded by. This energy matches the frequency of our emotions, and it affects the world and others around us.

Energy attracts like energy, so if we are feeling bad, we attract more feeling bad energy and feel even worse. If we are feeling happy and full of love, we attract that matching energy and feel even better.

It is interesting that the poets of ancient times insisted that the heart, that part of us that powers our feelings, was the seat of the soul, and now, science is beginning to reconcile with faith-based concepts of energy from within and energy from beyond communing. It is a process of continuing to ask questions, seeking answers, and being open to new data as it becomes available. This is changing the world we live in.

Am I Required to Report a Crime?

Am I required to report a crime?

In most cases, the answer is, “No.” Generally, you can watch a crime happening before your eyes, and you are under no obligation to report it. Although, depending on your profession and what state you live in, you may be required to report certain things like child abuse, and victimization of an elder, where “elder” usually is defined as anyone over 60 years of age.

In 21 states Citizens are mandated to report. They are Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

You may have noticed of late that people can go into a store get a cart of goods and walk out the front door, load the goods into their vehicle and drive off without paying, while on-duty police officers watch from their police vehicles in the parking lot.

Due to new laws, cutbacks, and restrictions placed on law enforcement, in the state where I live, police officers are restricted from pursuing fleeing vehicles when the driver is suspected of other low-level crimes, such as theft or property damage. Whereas if the crime committed is a violent offense, such as a kidnapping or sex offense, the pursuit is authorized.

Likewise, if you do witness a crime, you are not required to report it, unless you are mandated to do so for the circumstance and based on the state where the crime takes place.

In my state of residence, Washington, if I become aware of an elderly woman being fraudulently victimized financially, I as an ordinary citizen am not required to report the crime, though, in my neighboring state of Oregon, I am required to report the financial victimization, or face charges myself (in the state of Oregon).

In general, it is the position of law enforcement to dissuade the citizenry from getting involved in crime-busting, as these situations and circumstances are best handled by professionals who specialize in pursuing crime and the criminal element.

Most police stations have a public tip line and encourage people to report what they witness, though there is no law that says one must report their tips, some will. This is helpful but cost prohibitive. Due to law enforcement cutbacks, there may not be the staff available to filter through the tip line, which is labor intensive.

Even so, after creating a crime profile, the police department would have to have staff available to assign the case for investigation. And we are losing the staff that could be investigating these crimes due to cutbacks.

There are certain professions that are required to report criminal activity. If they do not, they may face legal ramifications and criminal prosecution by acting as a partner in the crime and covering it up. Though this does not apply to citizens, there is an advantage of reporting prior to charges being filed against the perpetrators in that it reduces your chances of being charged with accessory after the fact.

Mandated reporters are likely to include healthcare workers and teachers and other positions which may have a high degree of government regulation or oversight. These have been put in place to protect children, the disabled, the mentally challenged, and/or the elderly, especially those considered at-risk or vulnerable.

In most states, professionals will be required to report their knowledge about certain types of crimes, such as child abuse, violent crimes or felonies, and abuse of vulnerable adults. Not doing so could make you vulnerable to criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the crime, though not likely unless the prosecutor believes that the failure to report could have prevented the crime from occurring.

There are those who have used the power of the legal system to exert some type of revenge against someone else who is committing the crime if they have falsified reports to punish someone for disrespecting them. I have witnessed some incredible things. Things that people have done when they have felt like they have been hurt or sought to destroy an innocent, as might be the case perpetrated by a psychopath. A psychopath might go to great lengths to “destroy” a victim who is no longer of use to him or her and will make it appear that the victim is actually a criminal or is running a crime ring and may go to great lengths to make the case viable.

If you do report a crime, do so with integrity. Try to document the details as accurately as you can and avoid how you might feel about the details of the suspected criminal activity. Rely on only your factual account of the details.


The Methuselah Diet

Fascinated by the idea of achieving advanced longevity, I spent some time digging back into historical records, which were based on basically biblical textual accounting of Methuselah’s long life of 969 years, and thought this would feel like I had achieved a long life if I were able to reach 900-plus years.

What did Methuselah eat?

        • Fruit
        • Vegetables
        • Meat

and for flavor,

        • Leaves
        • Flowers
        • Bark
        • Insects

Especially in a day and age when we are living between 75 and 77 years of age, we celebrate immensely if one of us makes it to 100, and no one makes it to 110. Yet, there are these records indicating that people lived to be 900-plus-years back in the day when Methuselah lived (3319 BC to 2350 BC) before “the flood.”

The flood happened suddenly and occurred sometime between 2350 BC and 2459 BC, and the jury is still out on a more precise date that historians can agree on, and many archaeologists don’t even acknowledge that there was a flood at all. This is due to the fact that the flood is interpreted as being worldwide, and there is no archaeological record verifying that the earth was totally submerged in water (and I agree with them).

People just like to argue and assert their knowledge over someone else’s, whereas a little humility may lead to being open enough to see that there is truth in the information that we have available to us somewhere, but you have to look to find it.

I hang around a lot of smart, well-educated people, and when they hear about using religious texts for anything, they start to freak out, citing the vast difference between science (fact) and religion (fiction). Yet, as we continue to dig into the secrets held beneath the surface of the earth, we are finding evidence that aligns with various religious texts. This is a thing, and it’s happening more often now, so maybe there is more fact in those texts than my scientific peers would like to admit.

We’ll see, if they will be open to new data, leading to revising their truth of the past, as it unfolds beneath us.

Back to my observations of Methuselah and longevity. He and his contemporaries lived extremely long live, pushing the boundaries of a thousand years. Methuselah did not give a thought to his diet. He just ate what was put in front of him, without care. My vegetarian friends maintain that Methuselah ate a strictly vegetarian diet.

I respect them and support the vegetarians and vegans, but I believe that Methuselah ate a natural diet that included fruit, vegetables, leaves, flowers, bark, and even insects, and he did eat meat on occasion (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). Food was prepared both cooked and uncooked, and Methuselah ate it all, sparingly, not in excess or in a gluttonous fashion.

I mention the flood because following this event people began to live shorter in their number of days, regularly until they reached a ripe old age of 70 years old by 1000 BC, the age of King David at his passing. And the only big changes I can see in the diet are more meat and grain.

Methuselah’s diet had evolved from the very same diet that is still preferred by the only species that we share most of our DNA, the chimpanzees, and bonobos. This appears to be the right kind of diet for humans that promotes long life spans.

The only thing is, even if we duplicated Methuselah’s diet to the strictest detail, we do not have access to that primitive uncontaminated nutrient-rich raw food to create our meals from.

The answer to longevity via food selection is much more complicated than “what to eat” because the quality of the food that most of us have access to is highly processed and has very little nutrition in it. It’s like we can barely survive for the years we can eek out on what we have access to as food these days.


Hate the Bad Guys is a Trap

If you see or hear about something that you don’t like, be careful: to hate the bad guys is a trap. It is well known that everyone emits a unique energetic frequency that emanates from the area of the heart, and what was once the mythology of the heart is now becoming the science of the frequency of the heart.

The way that you feel, your feelings, are a huge determining factor in the energy that you transmit throughout your own personal sphere of energy, and out into the world at least three feet beyond your body or more.

When you feel bad, hurt, mad, hurtful, or hateful, this is the energy that you are sending out into the world. Likewise, when you are feeling compassionate, understanding, supportive, helpful, kind, and loving, this is the energy that you are sending out into the world.

The ruler(s) of the powers in this earthly realm would love nothing more than to keep your heart crippled with self-righteousness, prejudice, intolerance, despising, and even hating others, their actions, or current affairs that you are not in agreement with.

As a coach, counselor, and consultant for many years, I have seen a wide variety of reasons why people might react in one way or another which might not seem natural or prudent to someone like you or me, but I know this: it is all a matter of perspective.

When I work with someone who is willing to do the deep work, digging down to ferret out the root cause of their instinctive response that may have mystified casual onlookers, all of a sudden the irrational reaction becomes understandable. Even I have been left thinking, that if it had been me, having had the same experiential programming, may have responded in a similar way. Maybe not exactly, but maybe, it’s hard to say. So, I can have compassion for this person.

Most of us are never privy to this depth of information when we read a headline in the news or hear a soundbite in the media about some over-the-top report that has been spun for the sole purpose of stopping you in your tracks so that you will turn your attention to the purveyor of the information long enough to sway your opinion, enrage you, of at the very least, expose you to advertising.

If any headline or story can enrage you, then the powers that be will be very pleased because now you are working for them. They’ve filled your heart with negative energy which you send into the world, and it makes them stronger. Even if your hate is against them, it is still hateful energy, and that is what they crave.

Hating the bad guys is a trap, and if you’ve responded in kind, then you have fallen victim to the same con that they have been running for centuries. As long as you can hate the bad guy, they win.

I know many people with the best of intentions that do so fueled with so much indignation, avarice, and hate, that even though their intentions are basically good, they are doing far more for their opponents energetically than they could ever hope to accomplish in their flesh for the ends to which they are trying so hard to accomplish.

For instance, overheard at the water cooler,

“I hope they steal his computer and reveal its contents to the world.”

“I hope they round up all the bad guys and kill them all.”

“I wish he would just die, already.”

Or even more cleverly disguised as,

“They will get theirs; God will torture them forever as they cook endlessly in the fires of hell.”

That last one might throw you off. I know even I have fallen into that trap, and fallen victim to self-righteously judging someone or their actions, and letting my selfish feelings overpower my otherwise compassionate and loving nature.

Not one of us is perfect. And I pray that I would never think of myself as better than anyone else.

And this I know: I am not that much different than anyone else, “But by the grace of God I am what I am…” (1 Corinthians 15:10), but by His grace.

Yes, bad guys may be dealt with, but I pray not from a position of hatred. You may have to put someone to death. You may even be charged with doing so (many of us have taken such an oath), but you can do so with love and compassion, as your heart breaks for that poor soul. Maybe redemption is an option for the perpetrator, maybe not, but that is not our business.

I know, I know… it hurts so bad when someone we love has been hurt or victimized by someone else, and all we want is revenge… I know. I often think back to when Aaron was in a firefight in Afghanistan and lost his young life. Likewise, the young man that took Aaron’s life lost his own life.

This is the nature of war. These two sons, brothers, and friends of others, each on opposing sides, gave their lives. Why? Because each one thought the other was the bad guy. Each one fighting to protect their respective families and their countries.

Too much hate.

Even amidst so much love.

Please think about avoiding the trap of hating the bad guys.

We need more love.


Doctors and Longevity

If we were to depend on the commitment and generosity of doctors to assure our survivability and longevity how would that look? The life expectancy of the average American is 77 years and change. So, if you’re an average American, you are likely to outlive your doctor by about four years.

That’s right, you would think your doctors, the ones who are charged with looking after our health and long life would hold the keys to longer life, and their families would live longer than you, right? Not so much.

Why is it that so few of us live to be a hundred, and even fewer of us can make it a few years beyond a century? The answer cannot be found in medical science, which is based more on a profit model than actual science.

If it was based on science, the science would prove true that,

Up until the day you die, your body is making new cells with every intention to live a long life.

So, what’s the problem?

It’s as if, those who profit from the world’s populace would prefer that our lifespans should be cut short, to live at the very most maybe a hundred years, or so, and for certainly not longer than 100 years, when our bodies cease to function.

Okay, there are a few, say 65 doctors who have lived to be over 100 years old, but none of them will make it to 110. It’s as if that were just too impossible. Even with all the good medical and technological advances, we have made in the last century.

Then there’s Ohio’s Doctor Howard Tucker who is the oldest practicing doctor in the USA, who is 100 years old and states he has no intention of retiring any time soon even though the traditional retirement age for doctors is 65 years of age.

But know this, by being under the care of a family doctor, you will be able to outlive him or her for four years. So, Doctor Tucker’s patients are particularly well-served.

Interestingly, those charged with the care and tending of expansive minds, like teachers, are likely to live longer, men 18 years or so, and women teachers 23 more years than their contemporaries.

So, why do you think you die?

The government will tell you that you will die from any of these disorders in this particular order:

          1. Heart disease.
          2. Cancer
          3. Unintentional injuries.
          4. Chronic lower respiratory disease.
          5. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
          6. Alzheimer’s disease.
          7. Diabetes.
          8. Influenza and pneumonia.
          9. Kidney disease.
          10. Suicide.

Note: Number 3 on the list includes diagnostic errors such as, “Medication Errors, Delayed Treatment, Understaffed Hospitals, Surgical Errors, and Healthcare-acquired Infections.”

But the truth is, your body has no intention of dying at 76-ish years old. But what does happen is that your blood has become so toxic that it fails to move any longer.

You need these two things to stay alive:

1. Blood flow

For the human system to keep operating it needs a clean pathway to move cells through the bloodstream. The bloodstream must be moving to be a stream, otherwise, it is a swamp.

It’s easy to claim the heart is the culprit when the blood flow stops if it is a pump, but that’s not it. The heart is not a pump, the heart is a valve.

2. Clean oxygen to breathe

The other thing you need is pure air, which is really hard to come by these days.

Right there is where most people interrupt me, saying what about nutrition, what about what you eat?


I know you’ve been told that you need this, or you need that to keep your body in a healthy state. Well, you’re doing that, and how long do you expect to live? 900 years?

It is true, what you put in your body through your mouth and lungs is probably what’s mucking up your ability to transport cells via the bloodstream throughout the body.

There are plenty of indicators that many people on the earth lived to be 900 or more years before the flood. That should be our target. Right?

I think we could do it, if we kept the bloodstream clean and free-flowing, and fill our lungs with toxin-free air averting the accumulation of sludge that has the power to slow our blood flow down to a stop.

Ergo, the end of life.

You must stop listening to what the FDA tells you about food and nutrition. They tell you what all the rest of us have been told, and if we follow their advice to the tee, we will be lucky to see 76 or 77. That’s it. 77 years old, tops. Have a nice day. NEXT!

I know this is a tangled skein to unravel, but you could do it.

I’ve given you enough clues to do your due diligence and discover the truth for yourself.